I-Inspire Studios carefully created this set of rules to ensure all students are safe and set up for success during their classes, training and performances. By demonstrating these basic class etiquette practices, you are showing respect to your teacher, fellow students and the studio. Once you sign up with I-inspire Studios for any of its products or services, you are acknowledging that you have read, agreed and will follow all rules of I-inspire Studios. Please read through the below information in its entirety before signing up. We appreciate you and love you here at I-Inspire Studios. See you soon! 

Dress Code

  • Jazz, Contemporary, Technique and Strengthening
      • Form fitting clothes, hair pulled out of the face, Jazz shoes and/or foot undies. Attire for male students is a white T-shirt, black tights or dance pants and black Jazz shoes.
  • Hip Hop 
      • Loose/ comfortable clothing, tennis shoes 
  • Ballet
      • Leotard, tights, ballet shoes, (ballet skirt and/or dance shorts are optional over leotard and tights are optional), hair pulled out of the face. Attire for male students is a white T-shirt, black tights or dance pants and black Ballet shoes. 
  • Tap
      • Comfortable clothing, loose or form fitting, Tap shoes. Attire for male students is a white T-shirt, black tights or dance pants and tap shoes. 
  • Productions, Events, Showcases, Recitals & Competitions
      • Consult with your instructor on the exact attire for each special performance. The instructors will provide costumes for these occasions and/or create a budget and give the parents a price and deadline for the costumes to be ordered. 
    • Hair
      • Hair must be pulled back and pinned securely away from the dancer’s face and neck. Hanging or loose hair interferes with a dancer’s ability to hold his/her head properly during specific exercises. Parents, please help prepare your child for dance class by properly securing your dancer’s hair for class or send the necessary ponytail holder, clips, or barrette with your child on class day. 
  • Shoes
  • Students will not be allowed to participate in class unless they are wearing the proper shoes and attire. Inappropriate attire is not acceptable and students will be asked to observe the class if they are unprepared. If shoes are on order and have not arrived then the student will be allowed to participate in class without the proper shoes – ONLY EXCEPTION! 
  • Accessories / Props
      • Watches, necklaces and bracelets must be removed before entering the classroom (small earrings are acceptable).
  • General Attire Rules
    • We ask that students arrive and depart from I-Inspire Studios when leaving ballet class wearing a skirt or pants over their leotard and tights. 
    • Come to class wearing clean garments and having great hygiene. 

Class/ Studio Etiquette 

  • Timeliness – Be prompt to class, which means be seated inside the studio 10-15 minutes before the class starts, warming up and getting prepared for the instruction. Any student who arrives in class more than 10 minutes after the class has started will be asked to observe that class.
  • Classroom / Studio – No walking in and out of the classroom unless authorized by the instructor. Once you are in class, everyone remains in class with no interruptions. Any disruptive students will be asked to leave class immediately.
  • Studio Facility – There is absolutely NO RUNNING or rough housing in any area inside or surrounding I-Inspire Studios. Students must always ask permission from the instructor to go anywhere, as we must know where every student is at all times. I-Inspire Studios is not responsible for any missing, injured, sick or anything similarly related to the health and well-being of all parents and students. These rules are put into place to ensure the safety of every person inside and around the studio as much as possible.
  • Attire – Be dressed properly for class. No cut-off tights. Hair must be properly secured away from face and neck. 
  • Attitude – Be attentive and respectful in class. Ask the instructor politely if they have a moment to speak with you regarding questions, concerns or to gain clarity on something. At all times, lead with humility, happiness and positivity. We work hard at I-Inspire Studios to create an inclusive, fun and positive environment for all of our family to enjoy. This energy begins and ends with you!
  • Food & Drink – Leave gum, food and drink outside the classroom or inside your bags. Water bottles are acceptable and encouraged in the dance studio
  • Restroom – Use the restroom before entering class. Ask permission from the instructor during class if you have to use the restroom. DO NOT hang out/congregate, make a mess or make loud noises in the restroom. Only 2 people at a time can use the main hallway restroom and 1 person can use the back restroom at a time. All other students must wait in a neat line, not blocking the walkway, outside of the restroom and wait for their turn.
  • Equipment – Show respect for classroom equipment including barres, mirrors, speakers / sound system, lights, props, costumes and any other physical items in each studio. DO NOT touch any equipment unless an instructor tells you to do so. Please pick up all trash including  wrappers, empty bottles/cans left in the waiting area. All persons, both students and parents, are responsible for any damages, stolen or broken equipment that may occur inside and outside the I-inspire Studios.
  • Personal Items – Bring a dance bag large enough to hold your dance shoes and the rest of your personal items. Please write your dancer’s name on all shoes, bags and other belongings. Keep all of your items in the designated areas. I-inspire Studios is not responsible for any items that are lost, stolen, damaged or the like.
  • Electronics – All electronics and activities are to be placed on silent and put away in dancer bags until the end of class or unless otherwise stated by the instructor. 
  • Have Fun! – We are looking forward to growing and training with each one of you.


  • Pick Up / Drop Off – Parents must arrive with their children fully dressed and prepared for class, 10-15 minutes prior to the beginning of each training session. Parents pick up your dancers promptly after class. We will keep your young child in the building until you arrive. 
  • Waiting Areas – Parents are allowed to wait inside the studio in designated waiting areas outside of the classroom areas. Parents are only allowed inside the studio classrooms if asked to come in by instructor.
  • Personal Belongings – If you need to give a student food or any personal belongings that was left behind, label it and drop it off with the front desk attendant. Please note that there is no guarantee that your student will receive the item if given to the front desk or any I-Inspire Studios staff, therefore, we suggest holding on to the item and giving it to your child yourself. 
  • Communication – Parents please regularly check your email for communications from I-Inspire Studios. Also, continue to visit the website www.iinspiredancestudios.com for periodical updates about the studio as a whole. You may contact I-inspire Studios staff at (678) 459-8295 for all comments, questions or concerns. 

Behavioral Outcomes – Any behavioral issues will be addressed to parents by I-Inspire’s leadership team. Failure to comply with the rules will result in dismissal from the program and I-Inspire Studios.