Our Mission

Our mission is for talent to experience professional, industry leading and real-world training that makes pursuing a career in the entertainment industry a reality.


We support our talent through achieving the following goals: 

  • Provide training programs and resources for talent of all ages in the fields of live performing arts, commercial performing arts, music and recording, media and communications, brand and business development, fitness, film and tv.
  • Develop programs and packages designed to help students meet high personal, community and career standards
  • Deliver a positive and inspiring atmosphere for our talent that provides comfort in their personal development journey
  • Consult with talent in selecting and working a supplemental job and/or trade that will create financial security and increased brand exposure while pursuing a dream career of choice
  • Utilize lessons learned from I Inspire Studios products and services to develop subsequent programs for talent across the nation

I-Inspire team


Candace Haynes

Project Manager

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I-Inspire Studios

Torey Robinson

Assistant Manager

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I-inspire Studios

Casey Benoit

General Manager

I-Inspire Studios

De’Angelo Wimberly

Founder & CEO

I-Inspire Studios